Motion-Based Energy Powers Cell Phones on the Go

Motion-Based Energy Powers Cell Phones on the Go


There are a number of portable power solutions that you can use with your cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry, or what have you. Most of these are topped up the conventional way, either though a wall outlet or a USB port. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a solution that was a little more “green”?

Instead of relying on your local power company, you just may be interested in the M2E Power solution that translates your motion into usable electricity. Fundamentally working in much the same way as “kinetic” watches, the Motion 2 Energy pack can harness the power produced by you walking around and bouncing around town. Just place the pack in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Unfortunately, the efficiency of this device isn’t quite there yet, as you’ll need about 6 hours of cumulative walking to provide 30 to 60 minutes of talk time. In this way, you’ll probably want to carry this thing around all the time, just to make sure that it’s always full.