Canon PowerShot E1 Digital Camera is For the Ladies Only

Canon PowerShot E1 Digital Camera is For the Ladies Only


I realize that I might get a little flack for this, but have you ever noticed that when a guy creates a men’s only club, he is deemed a sexist. On the other hand, if someone creates something that is women-only, that is much more acceptable? Such appears to be the case today, but in the form of a consumer electronic device.

The new Canon PowerShot E1 digital camera is being marketed squarely at the more feminine among us. In fact, the PowerShot E1 has been designed specifically for women, their needs, and their desires. Right, because soft corners and powder pink are exactly what every woman wants in her camera. (It’s also available in blue and white.)

Regarding the specs and features, the 10 megapixel Canon PowerShot E1 gets loaded with 4x optical zoom, ISO 80-1600, 2.5-inch LCD, image stabilization, USB and AV ports, and support for SDHC, SD, MMC, MMCplus, and HC MMCplus memory cards. They’ve also left out “unnecessary buttons” to make the camera more user-friendly. Check it out next month in Japan for $215.