Wireless VGA Has Arrived with IOGEAR Special Kit

Wireless VGA Has Arrived with IOGEAR Special Kit


Cut those cables. Snip those wires. We’ve already seen solutions that effectively give you a wireless USB connection, so IOGEAR took the next logical step and is now providing us with wireless VGA.

The IOGWAR Wireless USB to VGA kit does exactly what it sounds like it does. There is a USB transmitter that plugs into your computer and then there is a VGA receiver on some other end that connects to your projector or external monitor. The connection between the two parts is completely wireless, offering a full 720p streaming connection.

Look for it this September for around $230. Now we just have to wait until someone pushes it a little further with wireless DVI or wireless HDMI for the consumer market and we’re set for a cable-free entertainment environment.