USB Data Key For Realz from Brando

USB Data Key For Realz from Brando


There are many names that are oftentimes attached to USB flash drives. Some people like ot call them thumb drives, others refer to them as USB sticks. Brando has taken a liking to the term USB key, so much so that the company has fashioned a drive that looks a lot more like a real key.

The Aexea KeyXpress flash drive is just like any other USB flash drive, but it has been designed specifically to fit on your keyring, rather than in your laptop bag. Better still, Brando has managed to get the drive down to a thickness that is similar to a car key (0.12-inches). With these bright colors (three to choose from), no one is going to mistake it for an actual key though.

The Brando Aexea KeyXpress flash drive comes loaded with four gigs of storage and is priced at $27.