T-Mobile Offers Seven Samsung Phones for Free

T-Mobile Offers Seven Samsung Phones for Free


What do you do when the other GSM provider is stealing all the attention with the iPhone? Start giving away a bunch of free handsets, of course! T-Mobile is trying to attract an army of new subscribers by dishing out no fewer than seven free phones from one of the most popular cell phone brands.

T-Mobile will start offering these seven Samsung phones for free starting on September 3. Three of the phones — the Samsung T229, T449, and T339 — will actually be free without too much hassle, whereas the other four — Samsung T639, Blast, Katalyst, and T819 — will get you to deal with a $50-$100 mail-in rebate. The net price is still free.

Naturally, it’s not like T-Mobile is just going to leave these phones in a bin for the taking. You’ll need a new contract or eligible upgrade to take advantage. This promotion could also be working to build up some hype for the upcoming Samsung Tocco T919 too.