Is This the New MacBook Pro?

Is This the New MacBook Pro?


All indications seem to be pointing toward a refreshing of the entire MacBook line, including the MacBook Pro. There are all sorts of rumors swirling around as to what the next generation could bring, so when we came across this supposedly leaked ad spot, our ears perked just a little.

It’s hard to verify the legitimacy of this particular ad, because it doesn’t really go out on a limb in any respect whatsoever. According to the ad spot, the new MacBook Pro will weigh in at 5.1 pounds, feature a backlit keyboard, and do the whole multi-touch trackpad thing. As expected, it’ll also rock 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Not exactly groundbreaking, right? I hope that this “timeless design, wireless performance” spot is a fake so that the real new MacBook Pro can be a little more exciting.