FCC Reveals Dimensions of Android-Powered HTC Dream

FCC Reveals Dimensions of Android-Powered HTC Dream


Perhaps even more monumental than the worldwide launch of the iPhone 3G is the pending release of the new Google Android operating system. The first Android-powered phone to hit the United States will be the HTC Dream with T-Mobile and it seems like the FCC has poked around with the handset already.

Many of the details are still a little murky at this point, but there is one document at the FCC that outlines the exact dimensions of the HTC Dream. We learn that it is 115mm long (4.53 inches) and 55mm wide (2.17 inches).

Strangely, there is no mention of the thickness, but this represents a footprint that is somewhere between the iPhone and the HTC Touch Diamond. The Dream will likely be thicker with its sliding QWERTY keyboard.