Video: HTC Touch Pro Unboxing and Feature Walkthrough

Video: HTC Touch Pro Unboxing and Feature Walkthrough


Those who know me and my gadget geek ways will immediately recognize that I get pretty excited about every new HTC smartphone that hits the market. I’m pretty stoked about the HTC-built Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, for example. I was also pretty excited when I first say the TyTN II.

It may not be officially available around these parts just yet, but Tracy and Matt were able to get their hands on the new HTC Touch Pro, providing us with an extensive walkthrough video. As you know, the HTC Touch Pro is essentially the HTC Diamond with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. This is very important to people like me, because I just can’t get used to typing on a virtual keyboard.

Anyways, the video below walks you through the complete unboxing process, the included accessories, and a brief overview of the phone itself. Just know that the video is about ten minutes long, so get comfortable before you hit the play button.