Nearly 35,000 People Line Up to Buy Chevy Volt

Nearly 35,000 People Line Up to Buy Chevy Volt


Glancing up at the gas station signs in my area, I’m hit by prices of nearly $1.50 a litre. Taking a quick jaunt over to Washington state, I see fuel going for over $4.00 a gallon. Let’s not even start to consider the uber-high prices that people endure in London, England. Yes, with gas prices soaring, the public is demanding an alternative.

The Chevy Volt hybrid, which can run completely on electricity for miles at a time, is garnering quite a bit of interest. In fact, the list of names waiting to buy the Volt has hit 34,776 (at last count) on That number continues to increase as we get closer to the proposed launch date.

Bear in mind that the average price these people were willing to pay is about $31k, whereas the suggested price by GM is closer to $40k. It’s a bit of a leap in price, but you’ll make it back in gas savings, right?