Memory Foam Pillow Soothes with Slipknot

Memory Foam Pillow Soothes with Slipknot


It seems that companies are plunking speakers into just about anything they can get their hands on these days, and a memory foam neck pillow is no exception. What you see here is a special neck pillow that comes with a pair of integrated speakers, letting you find rest and relaxation while listening to your favorite tunes.

Yes, it would probably make more sense to lull yourself into an air of comfort with Michael Buble or Coldplay, but there’s really nothing stopping you from tossing in some bass-thumping Kanye West or heart-racing Slipknot if that’s what you prefer. The memory foam neck pillow will work with any 3.5mm audio device. Yes, iPods too.

Find this musical pillow over at Skymall for $39.99.