Understated Elegance with Nokia 3610 Fold

Understated Elegance with Nokia 3610 Fold


No, the spec sheet on the Nokia 3610 Fold isn’t going to win any awards and it won’t floor you with any groundbreaking features. What this phone is able to do is offer a solid communications experience while looking slightly elegant and refined.

Taking on a clamshell form factor (as its name implies), the Nokia 3610 Fold comes with dual displays. The outside display takes care of things like caller ID and telling the time, whereas the inner display is your primary point of interaction. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera with 6x digital zoom, microSD expansion, and that’s about it.

Look for the “understated” Nokia 3610 Fold to sell for 125 Euro ($186) when it launches during Q3 of this year.