Dude, Get a Dell (with 128GB SSD for $450)

Dude, Get a Dell (with 128GB SSD for $450)


The price on flash memory continues to drop, so it’s only a matter of time before having a laptop with a solid state drive becomes the standard. Yes, the SSD doesn’t quite offer the same kind of capacity, but you do get the advantages of durability, speed, and energy efficiency.

While other companies are still charging a huge premium, Dell has decided that it will let you upgrade your notebook to a 128GB solid state drive for just $450. That’s a fair bit cheaper than the upgrade option on the MacBook Air, for example. The upgrade is available on the XPS m1330 and m1530.

Bear in mind that for $450 less, you can outfit the same laptop with a 250GB SATA HDD platter spinning at 5400rpm. Pricing isn’t quite the same between SSD and HDD just yet, but it’s getting there.