Windows Mobile Gets I Am Rich as Donationware

Windows Mobile Gets I Am Rich as Donationware


The whole point of the I Am Rich application for the Apple iPhone in the first place was that it was a complete and utter waste of money. It was just to demonstrate that you had an extra $1000 around and you didn’t know what to do with it (other than buying a useless app with poor spelling).

Because Windows Mobile users were left out in the cold when it comes to $1000 applications, some guy named Julien has decided to port the I Am Rich app over to WM land. Presumably, it’s just as useless as its iPhone counterpart, showing off a glowing gem and that’s about it.

The kicker is that Julien is not charging $999.99 for the app. He’s not even charging $9.99. Instead, I Am Rich for Windows Mobile is made available as donationware. If you feel so inclined, download at your own risk.