Seven New Dell Latitude Business Laptops Announced

Seven New Dell Latitude Business Laptops Announced


It seems that Dell really means business, because it is not announcing just a single new notebook today; it’s revealing no fewer than seven new laptops in the Latitude lineup. These business-minded notebooks don’t come with any flashy colors like the more consumer-oriented models, but the specs inside sound pretty impressive.

As with all Dell computers, the exact features and specifications can be largely customized to suit your needs. Depending on the options, you can go from ultraportable to semi-rugged, so check out the official site for more specific details.

In terms of highlights, the new Dell Latitude business laptops get great battery life (as much as 19 hours), wireless-N, Bluetooth, mobile broadband, GPS, hardware disk encryption, fingerprint readers, full-frame magnesium alloy construction, USB Powershare, backlit keyboards, and more.