Open App Store Coming to T-Mobile Customers

Open App Store Coming to T-Mobile Customers


You may have noticed that the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch has been quite the resounding success. Well, T-Mobile has noticed too and that’s why the other American GSM provider is working on something that will compete directly against it.

With the Apple App Store, you are limited only to the Apple handhelds. It’s not like you can grab one of the voice recorder applications and plunk it onto the LG Vu. T-Mobile USA’s proposed solution is quite different in this respect, because all apps placed in the new store would work across the T-Mobile handset lineup.

I’m not entirely positive how this would work, especially when you cross over from smartphones to regular phones and so on, but it’s something that T-Mobile wants to do. If it can pull it off, then T-Mo’s got itsel 31.5 million prospective customers.