Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Camcorder Offers Three Storage Solutions

Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Camcorder Offers Three Storage Solutions


Although a few of my friends can be seen running around town recording with a Flip Video Ultra or a Flip Mino, those el cheapo camcorders doesn’t exactly offer the best of video qualities. If you’re a little more serious about your video, you may want to consider the Hitachi DZ-BD10HA camcorder with full 1080p video recording capabilities.

To help keep your options open, Hitachi has equipped this particular camcorder with no fewer than three different storage options. First, you can plunk in a mini Blu-ray disc and throw your family memories on there. Alternatively, there is also a 30GB hard drive built into the DZ-BD10HA as well. Last but not least, you can make use of the SDHC slot for even more storage.

Aside from the 1080p videos, the Hitachi DZ-BD10HA also has a 7 megapixel CMOS sensor, face detection, and optical image stabilization. Look for it ship next month with a sticker price in the $1,000 neighborhood.