Buy an AT&T Tilt Smartphone For Zero Dollars

Buy an AT&T Tilt Smartphone For Zero Dollars


Some people may feel inclined to spend spend $900 on unreleased hardware, but other people are a little more mindful of the cash in their wallets. If you want to get in on some Windows Mobile action but don’t want to break the bank in the process, it could be a good idea to pick up an AT&T Tilt (for free).

The HTC-built smartphone takes on a form factor that will be very familiar to anyone from the HTC crowd, except that the display doesn’t just slide over to the side, it also tilts up to make for a new notebook-like experience. The tilt also comes in handy when you want to watch some videos on the go.

Among other features are the sliding QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, PTT, 3MP camera, and WM6 Professional. The deal is available through Let’s Talk and it does not involve any mail-in rebates. There’s free shipping too.