AT&T-Branded HTC Touch Pro Leaked, Sold for $900

AT&T-Branded HTC Touch Pro Leaked, Sold for $900


Some of us just don’t have the patience to wait for an official release date (that’s probably more like all of us), so some of us are willing fork out rather hefty premiums to get our hands to get the latest toys before anyone else. Although the HTC Touch Pro has not yet been officially launched in North America, one user was able to not only find one for sale, but to actually find one that is already AT&T-branded.

A user from the XDA-Dev forums was able to snatch up the QWERTY-packing version of the HTC Touch Diamond and it cost him $900. Bear in mind that while this is the price without any kind of contract, it’s probably still higher than what the full retail will be when AT&T starts selling these phones for real. Even so, $900 for a Touch Pro sans contract doesn’t sound too terrible.

The kicker is that this version has already been optimized for US-friendly 3G, not like any of the Euro imports that you may find kicking around online. Was this purchase for real or is the XDA-Dev user pulling a fast one on all of us?