Video: Segway Bigfoot Comes Loaded with Six Huge Tires

Video: Segway Bigfoot Comes Loaded with Six Huge Tires


I had the chance to ride (and crash) a Segway last week and I have to admit that $6,000 people mover has a fair bit of appeal. It won’t be able to replace your car any time soon, but it’s got more pep than the average jogger. The trouble with the Segway, however, is that it may not be able to handle harsher terrain. To address this need, the Segway Bigfoot was created.

Sure, there’s already the slightly more rugged Segway XT on the market with its chubbier and stubbier tires, but the Segway Bigfoot actually gets equipped with six wheels. This automatically makes the stand-up roller a fair deal more masculine and macho, but I’m not sure if this adds or takes away from its ability to maneuver. At the very least, you’ll have to trouble steamrolling over the cats in your neighborhood (I don’t condone steamrolling cats).

Check out the video below for a better look at the Segway Bigfoot. It’s the SUV of the Segway world.