Nokia N85 Slider Smartphone Gets FCC Approval

Nokia N85 Slider Smartphone Gets FCC Approval


It seems that Nokia has fallen in love with the dual-sliding form factor, because here is yet another smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer that does the slide-two-ways thing. The Nokia N85 recently jumped through its hoops at the FCC and it has managed to come out the other side with the all-important stamp of approval.

The Nokia N85 boasts an appearance that is very similar to the Nokia N81 gaming phone, but the pictures seems to present more of a matte finish rather than the piano black finish that the N81 gets. Among the features are a 3G radio that will work very nicely with North American providers. This is tri-band WCDMA support, so you won’t get any 1700MHz support with T-Mobile.

By and large, the Nokia N85 slider can be thought of as the less expensive counterpart to the Nokia N96. Not everyone has over a thousand dollars to spend on a phone, after all.