HTC Touch Diamond Coming to Telus on August 14

HTC Touch Diamond Coming to Telus on August 14


Mark your calendars, HTC-loving fanboys, because one of the strongest iPhone killers is coming your way in exactly one week’s time. It may not be the unlocked GSM version, but it’s going to subsidized to a much more reasonable price. The HTC Touch Diamond will be touching down in the fields of Telus Mobility on August 14th.

We’ve known for a month already that Telus will be getting the HTC Touch Diamond, but it’s good to finally attach a firm date to the announcement. We also hear that the Telus version will be faster than the GSM version, assuming that Telus doesn’t tinker with the firmware too much to slow it back down again.

As it stands, the Windows Mobile 6.1 touchscreen smartphone will retail through Telus for $150 with a qualifying three-year contract. If you don’t like contracts, Telus will also sell you the phone for $450.