Thanko Offers Simple Security for All USB Devices

Thanko Offers Simple Security for All USB Devices


Some USB flash drives come with some fancy encryption so that the bad guys can’t get at your data. Others require a password of some kind. You can even find some that require biometric authentication. Those are all well and good, but what about all of your less secure USB devices?

Thanko has come up with what could be one of the simplest ways to secure all of your USB devices: with a simple three-digit padlock. This physical device latches onto the USB end of just about anything, locking itself in place until you spin those dials to the appropriate code. Dubbed the USBlock (get it?), this Thanko accessory helps to prevent stolen data and other bad things.

Sure, if someone was motivated enough, they could just hack your thumb drive apart to get at the actual flash memory, but the Thanko USBlock offers a simple first-line deterrent to data thieves. Retail price is $7.