Blu-ray Discs Hit 25 Layers, 500GB with Pioneer

Blu-ray Discs Hit 25 Layers, 500GB with Pioneer


Bear with me as I get a little nostalgic here. I remember when blank CD-Rs first emerged on the market and how I was amazed at the prospect of burning 650MB or 700MB at a time. That was a lot of space at the time. Then along came blank DVD-Rs with their 4.7GB of space.

Imagine my amazement when the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats hit the scene with their gigs upon gigs of storage capacity. Now Pioneer is taking a quantum leap forward by developing a 500GB Blu-ray Disc. This is no ordinary Blu-ray disc, of course, because it breaks that data down into an incredible 25 layers. Just last month, Pioneer unleashed a 16-layer 400GB disc.

With half a terabyte on an optical disc, you’d have enough room to stash over 20 movies at full 1080p high definition. Unfortunately (or fortunately), these 500-giggers won’t be ready for public consumption for another two to four years.