iPhone 3G Learns to Harness Power of the Sun

iPhone 3G Learns to Harness Power of the Sun


There’s a reason why shortly after the iPhone 3G launched, a plethora of “added power” options started to flood the marketplace. The latest possibility is this solar charging chase from Mobile Fun. I’m not sure how fun a cell phone case can be, but it’s got a solar panel. I guess that’s pretty fun.

As you can imagine, when you plunk the second coming of the Jesus Phone into this attractive case, it starts to suck some power out of the solar panel, which in turn is absorbing the sun’s rays for that extra juice. The case itself has an internal 1500mAh battery pack, so you can top it up as a secondary battery even when the iPhone 3G isn’t around. Mobile Fun claims that the battery tops up after three hours in the sun.

If you don’t have the patience to wait three hours in the sunshine, the Mobile Fun iPhone 3G case can also get charged via USB. Look for both black and white versions to launch this month for $54.