What? The First ZunePhone is Actually a Nokia

What? The First ZunePhone is Actually a Nokia


Most people enjoy the iTunes integration on the Apple iPhone, but where does that leave the rest of the music phone industry? We’re still sitting around and twiddling our thumbs as we wait for the elusive Microsoft ZunePhone, but it turns out that the first phone with Zune Marketplace integration might not be a Microsoft phone at all.

To make matters even stranger, the phone that will be doing the Zune Marketplace thing isn’t even running on a Microsoft operating system. Instead, Microsoft is reportedly working with Nokia to bring the Zune Marketplace to Nokia handsets. The next time you pick up an XpressMusic handset or a N-Series smartphone, it could be preconfigured to get tunes from the Zune Marketplace.

This partnership could work out very well for both companies, because the Nokia Music Store isn’t doing quite as well as Nokia had hoped. At the same time, this provides another venue for the Zune Marketplace to gain a foothold.