How to Get a 9-Cell Battery for the MSI Wind

How to Get a 9-Cell Battery for the MSI Wind


I’ve been booting around with the MSI Wind for the past couple of weeks and while I appreciate its relatively compact size, the battery life is far from where I would like it to be. Equipped with the three-cell battery, I only get about two hours of juice before the thing craps out on me. How can I go about extending the battery life?

Yes, there is a six-cell variant of the MSI Wind battery available now, but it’ll cost you a rather hefty premium and it still may not offer the same level of battery life that you are seeking. So, we turn to the modding community where someone has managed to concoct a nine-cell battery for the MSI Wind. It’s not the prettiest of contraptions, but it gets the job done.

The math won’t work out quite so perfectly, but if a 3-cell battery is capable of sustaining two hours of regular use, it’s only logical that a 9-cell should be able to offer six hours of web-powered goodness. That’s more like it!