Video: Hands-on with BlackBerry KickStart by RIM

Video: Hands-on with BlackBerry KickStart by RIM


You’ve surely heard about the BlackBerry KickStart by now, but we have mostly been treated only to photographs and hearsay when it comes to this first ever flipping ‘Berry. No longer. The crazy kooks at CrackBerry have managed to get their hands on a working unit, recording their first impressions and comparing the KickStart against some of its Research in Motion brethren.

The BlackBerry KickStart is certainly different than any other BlackBerry in the RIM lineup. As far as I can tell, this is a further push from the company (no pun intended) to get into the consumer end of the market. They start with this push when they issued the BlackBerry Pearl, but the KickStart kicks it up a notch by doing the popular clamshell game.

It still has a SureType keyboard, media player, camera, and all the other doo-dahs you’ve come to expect from a compact ‘Berry. For all intents and purposes, it’s the Pearl in flip phone form.