Holster Charger Keeps iPhone Powered on Your Hip

Holster Charger Keeps iPhone Powered on Your Hip


Don’t you hate it when you’re running around town, doing those errands, and then your iPhone suddenly runs out of power? With this new holster pack, you can not only carry around that piece of Cupertino goodness securely on your hip, but you can also ensure that the battery remains topped up the whole time.

It’s far from being a fashion statement — unless your fashion statement is “Look at me! I’m totally geeked out!” — but the practicality of this leather hip holster for the iPhone cannot be denied. Inside the holster is a lithium-ion battery pack and then it has the standard dock connector for your iPhone. This way, the power is continually fed to your touchscreen wonder.

According to the product page on this $25 case, it has been designed for the iPod touch and iPhone classic, but it should be able to handle an iPhone 3G as well.