Buyers of Yahoo! DRM Music Are Now SOL

Buyers of Yahoo! DRM Music Are Now SOL


Luckily, I’m not one of these poor saps. If you happened to buy any DRM’d songs from Yahoo’s online store at any point, those tracks have now become completely and utterly useless. They’re occupying space in your computer’s hard drive for absolutely no rhyme or reason.

This is because Yahoo has decided to shut down its music download store at the end of September, at which point it will also shut down the DRM validation servers. Without these servers in place, all of those DRM tracks become unplayable. Don’t worry, though, there is a recourse.

Yahoo is providing its former customers with two options. Either they can take the DRM tracks and re-download the DRM-free versions from Rhapsody for free, or they can opt to get a full refund. Here’s your chance to overcome buyer’s remorse.