Nokia Says Goodbye to BlackBerry Connect for E-Series

Nokia Says Goodbye to BlackBerry Connect for E-Series


It used to be the best way to get your hands on some BlackBerry action without having to actually buy a handset from Research in Motion, but now Nokia is cutting that virtual cable. Nokia has decided that BlackBerry Connect will no longer be updated for Nokia S60 devices, including the latest batch of E-series smartphones.

According to Nokia rep Simon Ainslie, “RIM are a competitor and have done a reasonable job in a space that is traditionally ours, so it’s no great surprise that we see this as an opportunity to give consumers a proper choice on what email solution they want.” If that’s the case, then Nokia needs to seriously work on a better OEM email solution.

Personally, I thought that it was a little strange that Nokia offered any BlackBerry support in the first place, because they are competing for the same market. It would be like Apple offering Microsoft Exchange support on the iPhone… wait a minute…