Is a New Dell iPod Fighter in the Works (Again)?

Is a New Dell iPod Fighter in the Works (Again)?


Everyone wants a hearty piece of the MP3 player pie, but Dell already had its shots a few years ago. Even though Dell didn’t do well the last time it tried, there’s word that Dell is jumping back into the portable media player market with an affordable alternative to the iPod nano.

Nothing has been etched in stone yet (it’s barely been scribbled on a dry erase marker board), but the Wall Street Journal is saying that Dell is working on a portable audio player with pricing at under $100. There’s no saying how many different versions that Dell will offer, but at least one of these will fall int the sub-$100 range. I’d imagine that this would compete more against the shuffle than, say, the iPod touch.

The kicker is that while we have no idea what these things are going to look like or what kinds of features they’ll have, the current projection has the Dell MP3 player launching this September.