Everyone Can Now Make Sprint-Powered Wi-Fi Calls

Everyone Can Now Make Sprint-Powered Wi-Fi Calls


You know how Fido has the UNO service and how T-Mobile has [email protected]? Sprint has its own nifty solution and it require a cell phone that is equipped with Wi-Fi to do it. As you may have heard, Sprint partnered up with Samsung to produce this femtocell solution, effectively letting you make Wi-Fi calls from any Sprint cell phone.

The idea is that you plug this router-like device into your regular Wi-Fi router and it will act as a mini cell phone tower for you. Any Sprint phone can then connect to your in-home tower and your calls will then be directed over your broadband Internet connection. The kicker is that this service will work with any Sprint CDMA phone.

Sprint had a couple of pilot tests in Denver and Indianapolis earlier, and I guess those went well. The $100 box is now available nationwide. The service is $15 a month for one line or $25 a month for a family plan.