Dell Inspiron 13 Inspires Budget Notebook Market

Dell Inspiron 13 Inspires Budget Notebook Market


Even though the newly revealed Dell Inspiron 13 is being marketed as an affordable solution for the back-to-school crowd, the budget notebook actually comes equipped with a decent spec sheet. It won’t be able to handle Crysis on its highest settings and you probably don’t want to do too much hardcore video editing, but it should be able to serve students just fine.

Equipped with a 13-inch high definition display, the Dell Inspiron 13 also has touch controls and a slot-loading DVD drive. Thankfully, the physical design of the laptop is also quite attractive, boasting a similar rounded hinge as the XPS m1330. Best of all, prices start at under $800.

In fact, if you want to cheap out a little further, Wal-Mart reportedly has a configuration of the Dell Inspiron 13 for just $700. That’s not that much more than one of those subnotebooks that everyone is talking about these days.