Buy the Nokia N95 for $99.99, LG Vu for $29.99

Buy the Nokia N95 for $99.99, LG Vu for $29.99


While everyone is clamoring over the recent launch of the iPhone 3G, you may more inclined to pick up a different cell phone. Better still, you can save a whole lot of money by doing so. If you waltz your way over to the Best Buy Canada cell phone section, you’ll discover that they have a couple of Rogers handsets on sale.

The good news is that you can pick up the Nokia N95 for the bargain basement price of $99.99. You get a great camera, plenty of smartphone love, and access to the high-speed 3G network. The bad news is that you’ll need to latch onto a lengthy three-year contract to do so. Even so, the regular three-year price for the N95 is $300, so you’re still saving a couple of hundred bucks.

A similar deal is being offered on the LG Vu, also through Rogers Wireless and Best Buy. You’ll need to sign up for a three-year service agreement, but in doing so, you can buy the Vu for $29.99. That’s a $100 savings over the regular three-year price.