Voice Dial via Bluetooth Coming to Palm Treo 800w

Voice Dial via Bluetooth Coming to Palm Treo 800w


Using a Bluetooth headset is a pretty good idea if you’re going to be talking while driving, but oftentimes still need to physically hold the phone in order to dial. With the Palm Treo 800w, you will soon be able to skip that step as well. That’s because an update is coming down the chute from Palm Support, and this will bring Bluetooth voice dialing to the smartphone.

This way, instead of tapping your way through the touchscreen or fumbling with the QWERTY keyboard, you can just say the number that you want to call and it will start dialing. Other phones already have this feature, so it’s good to see the guys at Palm stepping it up a bit for their business users too.

No other information was provided at this point, but the support page is saying that more details about the update will be available “in the coming days.”