Quite Possibly the Best RFID Application to Date

Quite Possibly the Best RFID Application to Date


Doggie doors make it incredibly convenient for Fido to come in and out of the house at will, but there is the issue of security. What is preventing the neighborhood cats or the urban raccoons from wandering into your kitchen and raiding your pantry?

Plexidor has come up with a very simple, yet absolutely ingenious solution. They have created a pet door that is activated by a weatherproof RFID tag located on your dog’s collar (or cat’s collar, for that matter). As the little rascal approaches, the sliding door automatically opens and it remains open so long as the pup is in range. This prevents any guillotine-like accidents.

After Spot makes his way into your house, the door closes behind him in a Star Trek-like fashion. Nifty. The Plexidor pet door retails for between $130 and $800, depending on features.