Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against Telus and Bell

Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against Telus and Bell


They should have known that the public would not react positively to this decision. When you start charging people for things over which they have no control, they’re going to get pretty upset. In fact, the Canadian populace is so angry at Telus and Bell that they are launching a class action lawsuit over the incoming text message fee.

As you recall, Telus and Bell announced a short while back that they would be charging 15 cents for every incoming text message starting next month. The thing is that you have no control over incoming text messages. You can choose not to answer incoming calls, but you can’t choose to not receive a text message.

Taking up the Canadian cause is Montreal law firm Saint-Pierre Grenier. The lawsuit started on behalf of Bell subscriber Eric Cormier but has since expanded to a class action suit.