A Closer Look at the Nokia Tube Touchscreen Phone

A Closer Look at the Nokia Tube Touchscreen Phone


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, just about everyone is making some sort of touchscreen phone these days to compete against a certain offering from Cupertino. There’s the Samsung Instinct, LG Vu, HTC Touch Diamond… the list goes on and on. Perhaps the best competitor to date for the iPhone, however, just might be the Nokia Tube.

I finally got around to watching The Dark Knight over the weekend (holy lineups, Batman!) and we got to catch a brief glimpse at the Nokia Tube. Or at least a Nokia touchscreen phone that looks like the Tube. In any case, there are more pictures available of the famed handset now and it seems pretty solid. My main complaint is that the menu system seems to feature some rather retro-looking icons. Get with the program, Nokia!

Among the features you should expect from the Nokia Tube are haptic feedback, 3.2 megapixel camera, 140MB internal memory, and GPS navigation.