Whole Day of Battery Life from Asus Eee PC

Whole Day of Battery Life from Asus Eee PC


As convenient as these subnotebooks may be, it’s a little frustrating that you still have to tether yourself to a wall if you want to use them on a continual basis. In playing around with the MSI Wind, for example, I found that the three-cell battery only gave me about two hours of juice. That’s hardly enough for any mobile gadget lover.

Asus knows that we want to use the Eee PC for more than a few minutes at a time, so that’s why the Taiwanese manufacturer is reportedly working on “whole day” battery life for the Eee. Details were not disclosed as to how Asus would go about doing this, so we’re left guessing if their doing something with bigger batteries, solar panels, or whatever else they may have up their sleeve.

It’s also up to interpretation what Asus means by a “whole day” of battery life. It’s probably not fair to expect a full 24 hours on use on a single charge, but what if they could offer 12 hours with a pair of 6-cell batteries. Would that be enough for you? How much would this extra battery cost?