Video: Using the Web Browser on BlackBerry Bold

Video: Using the Web Browser on BlackBerry Bold


By most accounts, the BlackBerry Bold is supposed to be the best handheld to ever come out of the camp at Research in Motion. It’s supposed to come with a slick new user interface that is much more stylized than the operating systems of old. The device itself is also a lot more attractive than old school BlackBerrys, so RIM could have themselves quite the appealing product on their hands.

But how does it perform? As nice as the BlackBerry Bold may look, appearances mean nothing if it doesn’t have the performance to back it up. Well, the Boy Genius has put together a nearly 10-minute video to demonstrate the web browser on the BlackBerry Bold. Sadly, when you try to use IE or Firefox emulation on this thing, “a lot of sites don’t load or it gives an error.”

This is regardless of whether you use 3G or Wi-Fi. That’s kind of a stinker. What’s the point of being hyper-connected if you’re not really connected at all. Errors are an epic fail.