The Future of the Honda S2000 is the OSM Roadster?

The Future of the Honda S2000 is the OSM Roadster?


Currently on display at the 2008 British Motor Show in London, the Honda OSM Roadster concept looks an awful lot like what a next-generation S2000 could look like. The “future design language” found in this speedy demon seems to borrow a little from the Nissan 370Z and the Toyota MR-S, but Honda is saying this is merely a “design study” for where they may go.

The Honda OSM, which stands for Open Study Model, is a curvaceous open-top convertible with two seats. Everything about the car looks incredibly aerodynamic, like it could just cut right through the air. That partly explains the “lightsaber-sized” headlights and the “sweeping” taillights. Honda hasn’t made any indication regarding a powertrain, but we are led to believe that the OSM could be a lightweight, low-emissions roadster.

Can a future Honda S2000 (S2009?) be environmentally-friendly? Will that detract from its track-worthy performance heritage? If it looks this good and has a reasonable level of pep, I think it’ll sell like hotcakes.