Samsung Costume Portable Hard Drive For the Birds

Samsung Costume Portable Hard Drive For the Birds


When it comes to marketing most gadgets to guys, you just have to sell them on the features. List off a drool-worthy list of specifications and most geeks will be willing to overlook a less than spectacular aesthetic design. Companies don’t seem to take the same approach when they’ve got a new gadget for the girls in the audience.

While the default configuration is to make it pink for the gals, Samsung is opting for a slightly different strategy with its Costume portable hard drive. Instead of donning a rosy hue, the Costume features Samsung’s signature piano black finish. The overall design of this mobile spinning platter of data is supposed to mimic a makeup case… or whatever else girls like to keep in their purses.

I have to admit that the Costume 2.5-inch portable hard drive is a lot more attractive than a generic gray case. Does this make me want it more than another portable drive? Not really.