Brando iPhone Power Station For Mobile Battery Top-Ups

Brando iPhone Power Station For Mobile Battery Top-Ups


You may have noticed that while the HSDPA radio in the new iPhone 3G affords you a much faster web browsing experience, it also happens to be quite the power hog. While the old iPhone classic with its EDGE connection offered you hours upon hours of web surfing enjoyment, the iPhone 3G runs out of juice quite a bit sooner.

Instead of trying to hunt down an available USB port or wall outlet on a nearly continual basis, it might be a better idea to invest in something like the Brando iPhone Power Station. The reasonably compact device fits right into the dock connector in the base of the iPhone, topping up that battery with an extra 1000 mAh. It’s not enough to eschew regular charging altogether, but it’s great for baseball score-checking emergencies.

The Brando iPhone Power Station, compatible with both the iPhone 3G and iPhone classic (and probably iPods too), retails for $25.