The Test Pattern-Inspired Creative Zen Mozaic PMP

The Test Pattern-Inspired Creative Zen Mozaic PMP


I’m not exactly sure what they were thinking when they created this latest personal media player, but the Creative Zen Krystal comes with a funky monochromatic grid pattern occupying the majority of its front face. I guess this was their attempt at being trendy and fashionable.

Aside from what almost looks like a test pattern, the Zen Krystal is a pretty standard PMP. It does the music and video thing on its small 1.8-inch color display, rounding out its features with FM radio and a voice recorder. The monochrome version is probably the classiest of the bunch, but you can also find the Mozaik in silver and pink variations as well.

The 2GB and 4GB versions will retail for $99 and $129, respectively. No word on pricing for the 8-gigger.