AT&T Prepares for the Low-End with Nokia 2600

AT&T Prepares for the Low-End with Nokia 2600


AT&T might be home to the highly applauded Apple iPhone 3G and it is the likely future home of the BlackBerry Bold, but that blue swirly of a service provider knows how to handle budget-minded users as well. It hasn’t been confirmed, but there are reports that the decidedly low-end Nokia 2600 is on its way over to AT&T.

If you’re looking for an accelerometer, multi-touch controls, and high-speed web surfing, this is not the phone for you. If you’re looking for a phone that will offer decent call quality and will cost you next to nothing to buy, then the Nokia 2600 might be a little more appropriate. What I find curious about this candybar is that there was already a Nokia 2600 released four years ago.

Is someone at Nokia failing to read up on the company history? Or did the “leak” have some kind of mix-up?