What in the World is the HTC Rose?

What in the World is the HTC Rose?


It wasn’t that long ago that HTC would only refer to its smartphones by some mythologically-inspired name. They had devices like the Hermes, the Artemis, and the Wizard. These days, the Taiwanese manufacturer has branched out somewhat, selling devices like the Diamond and the Touch. Be prepared to add yet another name to that collection.

It seems that Bluetooth SIG has leaked a little bit of information about a new PDA phone called the HTC Rose 100. Very few details have been released about this handheld. In fact, the only thing that we know is that it’s made by HTC and it’s called the Rose. The leak points toward a worldwide launch, so it could be the first official HTC Android phone.

Or it could be a Touch Diamond variant. Or maybe something different altogether. Until we find out more about this smartphone, we’ll just have to say that a rose by any other name… bah, nevermind.