Griffin Offers Slots As Far As the Eye Can See

Griffin Offers Slots As Far As the Eye Can See


It seems like Griffin Technology is getting pretty excited about the iPhone App Store, because it is continuing with its by gambling ways with yet another release. Following up on video poker, Griffin is now offering Lucky 7 Slots for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Griffin’s take on the one-armed bandit crams “Vegas-style slots action at the touch of your screen.” The gameplay is pretty much what you would expect it to be, allowing you to bet one, bet more, or bet max. The payout table is always visible at the top half of the screen, so you know exactly what combination of 7s will result in the biggest (virtual) payouts.

All you need now is a virtual cocktail waitress coming around asking if you want a virtual drink to go with your virtual insomnia. You know, before you go to the virtual buffet to gorge yourself with crab legs. Lucky 7 Slots retails for $1.99.