Improve the Battery Life on iPhone 3G

Improve the Battery Life on iPhone 3G


Now that you’ve been living with the shiny new iPhone 3G for a little while now, you may have discovered that the high-speed 3G data connection comes at a price. Battery life on the iPhone 3G isn’t quite as good as the iPhone Classic, so what can you do to extend the time you have between charges?

Gary from was a little miffed with the battery performance on his iPhone 3G — down to 20% after some “light surfing and barely any talking” — so he set out to see what he could do about it. One of the major things you can do to save battery life is to turn off the 3G when you don’t need it. This almost eliminates the appeal of the iPhone 3G, but you can always activate it again if you want it.

Other tips include turning off the auto-brightness, turning off location services, turning off Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth, and severely limit your use of GPS. Alternatively, you can get a massive USB extension cable for continuous charging.