Buy Dr. Dre’s Monster Advanced Headphones on Friday

Buy Dr. Dre’s Monster Advanced Headphones on Friday


You may have heard some time back that rap guru Dr. Dre partnered up with the team at Monster Cable to create what they believe to be the most advanced headphones ever. The development wheels got in motion and everyone got pretty stoked at the possibility of listening to Guilty Conscience with some kick-ass ear cans. And now they’re here.

Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones by Monster (and Geffen’s Jimmy Iovine) will be available through Apple retail stores and Best Buy starting on July 25. That’s this Friday. The headphones have been in development for three years, so this announcement has been a long time coming. Beats are supposed to “accurate reproduce the entire spectrum of music, just like you would hear in a pair of recording studio headphones.” And they look great doing it.

Be prepared to fork out quite the pretty penny for these high-end headphones though. Beats will retail at $349.