Smart Berry is Actually Dumber Than BlackBerry

Smart Berry is Actually Dumber Than BlackBerry


If all the adults in the corporate world are addicted to their CrackBerrys, it only makes sense that a similar product would be designed catering specifically to to young girls as well. You’ve got to get them hooked early, you know.

The Smart Berry is not exactly the kind of handheld that you’ll use to organize your schedule or manage your mobile email. Instead, it’s basically another toy coming down the chute from Bandai, the same company that produces an endless supply of other toys that occupy your child’s attention for a couple days at a time.

The Smart Berry is a game and text messaging device, but the user is only able to send messages to other Smart Berrys located no more than 10 meters away. Worst still, the message can only be 64 characters long, which is less than half the length of a standard SMS. Oh, and it’s got a Tamagotchi virtual pet game in there too.

Considering that it costs $96, you may be better off buying a Nintendo DS and using PictoChat instead.